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Welcome to Abia Industrial Innovation Park

A visionary hub that redefines the landscape of economic progress and innovation. At the heart of Nigeria's industrial evolution, our park stands as a testament to ambition, foresight, and a commitment to shaping a thriving future for generations to come.


At Abia Industrial Innovation Park, we envision a world where boundaries blur, industries intersect, and innovation knows no limits. Our Vision is to create an Ecosystem for future Industrial Transformation of Africa Powered by innovation and Green Technology.


Expected Impacts of AIIP

Supply Chain Impact

  • Development of Local suppliers capacity and capability
  • Enhanced Efficiency among local suppliers in terms of prices, quality and schedule
  • Oppotunity for research and innovation

Social Impact

  • Creation of employment oppotunities - direct, indirect, induced.
  • Infrastructure development for the park, host community and environs - road network, electricity supply jetty, etc.
  • Integrate entrepreneurs in host community into the oil and gas supply chain, thereby reducing youth restiveness.

Economic Impact

  • Mentorship and development for local SMEs.
  • Align with Federal Government's drive to deepen local manufacturing and in-country value addition.
  • Low start-up investment costs and shared service solutions reuce the per capita cost of doing business and enhave the competitiveness of locally made goods

Over 1 Million skilled and unskilled employment opportunities

In our unwavering commitment to fostering positive change and driving socio-economic growth, Abia Industrial Innovation Park emerges as a beacon of hope, offering a staggering opportunity for both Abians and the vibrant host community's youths.
With a resolute dedication to empowerment and progress, The value proposition of over 1 Million skilled and unskilled employment opportunities isn't just a promise; it's a transformational force.
It's a rallying call to Abians and the host community youths to join us in shaping their destinies, forging careers, and contributing to a brighter future.
Together, we embark on a journey of empowerment, where every job created isn't just an employment opportunity – it's a step towards personal fulfillment, community enrichment, and a stronger, more resilient society.

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Discover the power of synergy, innovation, and growth at AIIP. Your journey to success starts here. Step into AIIP – where access meets ambition, shared success becomes reality, and innovation fuels growth. Your journey to a brighter, more prosperous future starts here."