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AIIP – Infrastructure Layout Categories

The Park will be divided into four categories; Large Scale Industries, Medium Scale Industries, Small Scale Industries and Services and Residential Zone.


# Category Description No of Lots Subscription Lease Rate
1 Cat-A (Large Scale Industry section) - Heavy Energy Industries
- Petrochemical/Fertilizer Industries
- Steel Plant Breweries
220 US $25k US $23 per sqm
US $460 per lot
2 Cat-B (Medium Scale Industry section) - Renewable & Biotech Zone
- Textile & Leather Industries
- Waste to wealth zone
310 US $20k US $20 per sqm
US $200k per lot
3 Cat-C (Small Scale Industry section) - Agro Processing zone
- Commercial zone
- Small manufacturing zone
- Logistics and warehousing zone
8k US $5k US $20 per sqm
US $20k per lot
4 Cat-DO (Innovation Square, Banking & Other Commercial activities) Hotels, Bars, Restaurants etc US $5k per lot US $20 per sqm
US $200k per lot
5 Cat-D1 (Lock-up Shops) - Size: 20sqm US $1k US $8k per lot
6 Cat-D2 (Lock-up Shops) - Size 11sqm US $500 US $5.5k per lot


# Category No of Lots Subscription US $500 Lease Rate
1 RE - (Residential - Sell Finishing) US $500
2 Cat-E/RE-01 (Buildable Land) US $50k per lot (600sqm)
3 Cat-E/RE-01-(Fully detached - 4 Bed Duplexes) Size- 600sqm US $95k per lot
4 Cat-E/RE-02-(Semi-detached - 4 Bed Duplexes) Size - 600sqm US $70k per lot
5 Cat-E/RE-03 (Terrace - 4 Bed Duplexes) Size 600sqm US $55k per lot
6 Cat-E/RE-04 (Apartment - 3 Bed) US $25k per lot
7 Cat-E/RE-05 (Apartment-2 Bed) US $15k per lot
8 Cat-E/RE-06 (Apartment-1 Bed) US $10k per lot